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Hello, my name is Sophia Goehner. I am a Dual National (German-American) leading a Creative Life split between two continents, Europe (Western) and North-America.

By profession I am a hybrid between a Graphic Artist, Digital Musician and Architectural Designer. I spend most of my time exploring 2D and 3D Design Frontiers while listening to self made Soundscapes.

In addition to making and conceptualizing Graphics and Architectural Designs, I enjoy conducting Research, Cooking and am an avid Globe Trotter. I have Travel Experience throughout Europe and North America, as well as several regions of North Africa, and the Yucatan Peninsula.

Architectural Drawings

Aquatic Center Persepctive

Aquatic Center 2002 / Drawing by Sophia Goehner

I enjoy Traveling

Las Vegas

Sophia in the Mojave Desert, September 2011 / Photograph by Bryne Hobbs

Recent Filmography


Innsbruck Area, Austria September 2014 / Photograph by Sophia Goehner

Recent Work

Joshua Lind Business Cards Nail Flash
Agrotopia Finger lakes Piano Tuning
Matrix Architects B&B Floor Coverings

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